Nejiri-Manpo, a Peculiar Brick Tunnel

Around the Keage (蹴上) station of subway line, there are many historic spots related to the Biwako-sosui (琵琶湖疎水, Lake Biwa canal), such as the Keage incline (蹴上インクライン), a tunnel called Nejiri-Manpo (ねじりまんぽ) and other brick-made Western style buildings. Nejiri-Manpo is a tunnel under the Keage Incline, whose bricks are arranged in a twisting manner. Nejiri means a spiral in Japanese, and Manpo is considered as a dialect word for tunnel (トンネル). The bricks were piled this way for the purpose of fortification.

Nejiri-Manpo tunnel greets its visitors with fresh and cold air. It is an invitation to the cluster of mysterious historic heritage.

Akane Kibune

Kyoto Expert Certification 1st Grade



Keage station, Kyoto subway Tozai line