5 Steps for Kimono Rental

Enjoy Kimono in Kyoto!

Just bring yourself&Return by 19:30 



Choosing a kimono
…About 20-30mins

Once checked in at the reception, you will start choosing your kimono. Over 500 pieces are awaiting for you! Feel free to mix & match the obi belt with a kimono. If you need some advice, please let our staff members know. Men's kimonos are also provided.

…About 20 mins

Getting dressed by professional dressers, you can enjoy roaming around the street and dining comfortably wearing kimonos. Your kimono will not get out of shape if you move regularly. You will get dressed in a blink of time.

Optional(A prior reservation is required)
…About 20 mins

A basic plan (8 styles available), a customized plan, or a traditional Japanese hairstyle plan are provided.

≫See the basic plan(8 styles)

Optional(A prior reservation is required)
Make Up
…Done together with the hairstyling

A simple makeup starting from the skin foundation. Hairstyling and make-up are done at the same time and it takes about 30 minutes.

Optional(A prior reservation is required)
Studio Photography
…About 10 mins

We recommend you to get your photo shoot at our studio for unforgettable memories. You can get the photo on the same day!




Return to Yumeyakata by 19:30!

Once getting ready, let's depart from the store. Take your time and enjoy Kyoto. There is optional plan for returning on the next day. An optional location photo plan (reservation required) is also highly recommend you!











You don't need to bring anything
We prepare everything you need to wear kimono. So just bring yourself!
Point:May I suggest you that you wear camisole cut low in the back and three quarter length spats during winter. 
What is included
Female: kimono, obi (belt), nagajyuban (the middle layer), hadagi (innerwear), zouri (sandals),a traditional bag, and shawl during winter

■Male: kimono, obi (belt), Haori (jacket), setta (sandals), tabi (socks), bag 

※No jacket during summer ※No charge for scarf during winter

Over 500 kinds of kimono, free to mix & match obi with kimono
We have various type of kimono!The price is the same whichever the kimono chosen.You can choose freely from over 200 pieces of obi.
Recommendation:We highly recommend wearing colourful collar!Basic one is white but you can wear colourful collar for 500 yen. You don't need to make reservation in advance for this optional☆
A new pair of tabi socks will be yours to take home.
We will give you a new pair of tabi socks!It's clean and feels good!
Size of tabi:Female: 21~26cm / Male: ~30cm
Size of zouri:Female: M/L/LL / Male: ~28cm ※Zouri should be a little bit smaller than your feet.
Original design Kimono ≫See the kimonos
We have original design kimono which are colourful and cute!
We produce original design kimono every year!
Baggage service You can leave your suitcase for 500 yen, only for now!
※Luggage is charged per item for 500yen.
Note:we cannot keep any valuables(credit card, Passport, camera etc...) and fragile.
8 Kinds of Hairstyling ≫See more about hairstyling
Professional hairstylists are at your service!It is very popular optional, so please make a reservation in advance.
Recommendation:Kawaii hair accessories are also for sale (price from ¥500/tax excl.)!
Getting dressed by qualified professional dresser
You can enjoy roaming around the street and dining comfortably wearing kimonos. Your kimono will not get out of shape if you move regularly.

Location Photo Plan

Escorted by an photographer, take professional photos in kimonos at famous spots in Kyoto. 


Bridal kimono, Dressing fee and hairstyling are included. Also we have plan for Wedding ceremony at Umemiya Shrine.

Japanese Pre-Wedding Location Photo Plan

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