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Shooting Photo Kyoto Arashiyama
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Shooting Photo Kyoto
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Shooting Photo Kyoto
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Yumeyakata offers a wide variety of packages that make wonderful memories

in Kyoto. 

Walking through beautiful gardens in Kyoto is a very special experience. 
We recommend the Shosein, Gion and Higashiyama package.
※Tax is not included

from 23,000yen 

※Kimono rental is not included.

※When you make an appointment of Yumeyakata's Location Photo Plan, a deposit equal to a 20% of the package price will be invoiced. Please confirm the invoice e-mail sent later-on and settle your payment by credit card. The rest amount shall be paid when you come to the store.
※If the photo shoot is cancelled due to severe weather conditions or force of nature, we will return the deposit in cash on your appointed day.

※In case that we do not receive your payment or any contacts before due, the location photo plan will be cancelled. Your appointment of kimono rental, on the other hand, will remain as booked.

※If the appointment is confirmed at 9:00AM, an early morning charge at 1000yen/person will incur once the location photo plan is cancelled. 


A 10% additional charge of the original price will apply on some days during peak seasons (cherry blossom and maple seasons). Please check the calendar for details.

Location Plan

Kimono Rental

From 2,800yen

Location Photo Plan(4 People)

Plan Price

Location Photo Plan(5~7People)

Plan Price × 1.5. An added charge equal to 1.5 x package price will apply.

Location Photo Plan(8~10People)

Plan Price × 2. An added charge equal to 2 x package price will apply.

Location Photo Plan(11People)

If your group is more than 10 people, please contact us.

Extra charge

Admission fee, taxi fare or food expenses not included. Customers shall bear the taxi fare for departure only.

Japanese Umbrella

1,000yen → Rent for free

Japanese Sword Rental


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Three ways to get your photos




※SD(2GB),USB costs 1500 yen from 1st. March

※We will send you the link to download the pictures within 1~3 days. If you want to have the photo right on the day, please consult our photographers (3000yen extra charge would be taken).

※Due to circumstances beyond our control, We offer only download service from a website.

※Cash and Delivery service(Need to consultation,  It will be charged 600 YEN in domestic).
※You will save your Data for a month just in case.


Photo Album (20 pages)

59,500yen+delivery fee

5,000yen discount for booking in Advance!

​→54,500yen+delivery fee

Photo Album (30 pages)

79,500yen+delivery fee

5,000yen discount for booking in Advance!

​→74,500yen+delivery fee

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Design Album

Size: 30 cm Square

Why don’t you keep your memories forever? Take a look of Design book albums we offer.

This is only made by Yumeyakata.

About the edit of photos

We edit the light, contrast, white balance etc. We do not retouch the face and body.

Otherwise, each photographers have different styles and composition, if you have any request, please choose a photographer!