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10 things you can enjoy in Kyoto!


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【Sweets】Shichijo Kansyundo

Kyoto sweets store which is located across Sanjusangendo and has been running since Edo era.

When you purchase sweets show them a receipt of Yumeyakata and get cute candy!

【Restaurant】TON SHABU HIDE

Shabu shabu at Shijokarasuma!You can get special coupon at Yumeyakata!

【Restaurant】NINJYA KYOTO Restaurant

Ninjya performance is held while you are eating. 

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【Bakery】MASH Kyoto

Matcha and red bean paste bread is popular!

【Matcha sweets】Saryo Suisen

Must go shop if you like Matcha! Various Matcha sweets are waiting for you.


Ohagi is a rice cake covered with bean jam or soybean flour, or sesame and salt.

Very popular and sold out very easily!!! 


【Souvenir】Kyoto pickles Gojochoubei

Buy pickes as souvenir!! Kyoto is famous for pickles. The store is near Yumeyakata. 

【Stay】Machiya guest house Yado Haruya

8 min from Kyoto station. The building was built 100 years ago. You can relax and feel the time flows slowly in this guest house.

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1. Eat Matcha sweets

You cannot miss a Matcha sweet when you come to Kyoto. There are famous sweets cafe such as "Tsujiri" and "Gion Komori."

Its taste quite differently depends on the shops. Why don't you compare its tastes.

(You can eat Matcha parfait at "Shichijo Kanshundo". Please show the Yumeyakata's receipt, and you can get a cute candy.)

2. Take photos at Kiyomizudera-Temple and Yasaka Tower

10 mins to Kiyomizudera Temple by bus from Yumeyakata. There are many famous sightseeing spots such as Yasaka Tower and Koushindo Temple near Kiyomizudera Temple.

We highly recommend Location Photo Plan. A photographer will guide you around! Don't forget to make reservation in advance!

3. Visit shrine, temple and Japanese garden

There are many famous temples such as Kiyomizudera-temple and Kinkakuji-temple. Collecting Goshuin is fashionable trend now. Goshuin is a red seal given at a temple or a shrine as a proof of visit. There are unique charm and oracle at temple and chrine. Let's try them!

4. Eat Kyoto cuisine

Kyoyasai(vegetables originating in Kyoto),Yudofu(Hot tofu pot),Yuba(Tofu skin) and Obanzai(traditional Kyoto dishes)!

These are Kyoto's famous cuisine!

Let me introduce restaurants near Yumeyakata.

Sobanomi Yoshimura

Hanbey Fu


Gohanya Shinkiro

Miyako yasai Kamo

Okazuya Ishikawa

Ouchigohan Nakashimaya

5. Take a rest at machiya cafe

Machiya is a traditional Japanese townhouse. You can enjoy not only a coffee but also its atmosphere.

These are Machiya cafe in Kyoto!

cafe marble Bukkoji 8min on foot

Kawa Café  10 min on foot

Minaka cafe 2 min on foot

ENGAWA cafe 10min on foot

6. Meet Maiko san

Talking of Kyoto, everyone want to meet maiko just once, right? However, there are few chance to run into maiko during daytime. If you go to "Gion corner", you can meet maiko for sure! We recommend to visit there during the seasons  of "Miyako Odori" and "Kamogawa Odori."


You can do Maiko makeover at Yumeyakata. 

If you are interested in maiko, why don't you try it?

7. Visit Fushimiinari shrine

Fushimiinari shrine is a must-see spot!!!!  There are more than 1,000 red torii gates. The place is really out of this world. You will surprise to see the number of stairs leading to the summit of mountain. If you hike, we recommend Hakama(Hakama plan) which is easily to walk compared to kimono. You can buy cute souvneir Fox-shaped rice crackers

8. Souvenir and culinary tour

"Yatsuhasi" and "Kyoto's  baumkuchen" is best sold sweets as souvenir. BUT I personally recommend "Ajyarimochi" which is kind of rice cake with red bean paste. You can enjoy culinary tour at Gojozaka and Sannenzaka near Kiyomizudera temple. There are many shop on the streets.

9. Feel seasons

Cherry blossoms in Spring, Gion festival in Summer, maple color leaves in Autumn and Kinkaku-ji Temple covered with snow in Winter.

You could feel the change of the seasons because Kyoto is abundant with nature.

10. Tea ceremony

Would you like to experience Japanese culture? tea ceremony is popular experience in Kyoto.

You can also enjoy Japanese sweets cooking class at 『Shichijo Kansyundo』which has been running since Edo era,  and located across Sanjusangendo. Children can enjoy with their parents!

Jinmatsuan』near Yumeyakata, held tea ceremony too.

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We are happy to provide information

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You can also exchange currencies here.

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