The lanterns of Uradeyama (Gion Matsuri float)

This year, the rainy season was over pretty quickly, so it is under a blue sky that the Gion Matsuri starts!

The float is dedicated to the scene of Empress Jingu Kogo doing some divination by fishing Ayu fish (the kanji for Ayu, 鮎, includes the kanji for divination, 占).

As the Empress Jingu Kogo is the Goddess of safe delivery, people often go to Uradeyama float to get charms and maternity belts.

The float lanterns light up when the night falls, and give the landscape a more festive atmosphere.

Definitely get dressed in yukata at Yumeyakata to walk around the stalls and floats!

Akane Kibune

Kyoto Expert Certification 1st Grade

About Uradeyama:

Location: Shimogyo-ku, east of the crossing between Nishikikoji St. and Muromachi St.