Premium Kimono

What is Premium Plan?

The Premium Plan provides gorgeous formal kimonos such as Furisode for young ladies, Houmongi for women, Montsuki Hakama for men and children's kimono for Shichi-Go-San (Seven-Five-Three).
These kimonos are worn for attending formal occasions such as a Gala show, Wedding and Tea party. The Premium Plan will give you an authentic experience. Please make a reservation and choose your favourite kimono when you come to the store.

In the case of a kimono reservation, 1,000 yen (excluding taxes) are charged separately for booking fees.

【Bookings for March 11th until April 10th】Kimono reservation is possible up to 1 week in advance.

【Bookings for the rest of the year】Kimono reservation is possible up to 1 month in advance.
The different types of Kimono that are published on the site are only a small part of our collection. As we have a lot of patterns and color, we recommend you choose what you are looking when coming to the shop.
There is a risk we cannot prepare your desired kimono. Thanks for your understanding.

Premium Plan and Price

Komon 15,000yen → 10,000yen

Eba 25,000yen → 20,000yen

Silk Eba 35,000yen → 30,000yen

Women Furisode Rental + Dressing

Furisode is a formal kimono with long length of sleeves. It is the most gorgeous kimono. It's worn by young and unmarried women on formal parties. 

And Japanese wears it on special occasions such as marriage ceremonies, coming-of-age ceremonies or graduation ceremonies. It's worn with luxurious Obi that has plenty of gold and silver thread. The Obi is tied very intricate and deluxe.


※Silk Eba furisodes cannot be rented on rainy days due to the nature of the material. (Excluding customers using the location plan)

※Silk Eba furisodes need to be returned on the same day (return on the next day not available)
※You can change the white collar to color one
for 500 yen

Luxury silk furisode kimono

is now available!

As not all items are in photo,

we recommend you choose in the shop!

Houmongi Rental + Dressing

*Nijyuutaiko (double-layered taiko)
※Varied obi knot requires an extra 1,000 yen (w/o tax)

Houmongi is a semi-formal kimono with designs from shoulder to bottom. It's worn by women on formal visiting like wedding parties, tea ceremonies, formal blind date, and so on.

・polyester 13,000 yen
・silk          18,000 yen

Polyester 15,000yen → 10,000yen

Silk 18,000yen → 15,000yen

※Silk houmongis cannot be rented on rainy days due to the nature of the material. (Excluding customers using the location plan)

※Silk Houmongis need to be returned on the same day (return on the next day not available)

Men Montsuki Hakama Rental + Dressing

Mon-tsuki is a formal kimono with family crests. It's worn by men on formal parties or ceremonies, like marriage ceremonies of family or relative. Also it's worn for funeral. "Mon" means "family crest", and "Tsuki" means "putting on".

15,000yen→ 10,000yen

※"Return on the next day" option not available for Children Premium kimono plans.

3-year-old Hifu Rental + Dressing


available for 85~100cm tall girls.

Age 5 Boy's Hakama + Dressings

15,000yen 10,000yen

Age 7 Yotsumi Girl's Kimono + Dressing

15,000yen 10,000yen

8,500yen 5,000yen

Women Furisode Rental +Dressing(Hanhaba obi)

We prepare for the customer who are wishing to expreience premium Furisode and looking for a reasonable price.
Hanhaba-Obi is a casual Obi. It's worn by women with a casual Kimono, mainly Yukata.
But if it has gorgeous design, you can wear it with some semi-formal kimono.
"Hanhaba-Obi" is the generic name for half width Obi.
"Han" means "half", and "Haba" means "width".



Premium Furisode Tutorial


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