Yumeyakata is one of the biggest kimono rental shops in Kyoto, applicable for group receptions of 100 people at a time. Coming empty-handed, it takes about 40 minutes for a kimono makeover. We provide kimonos not only for ladies, but also for men and children, so that the whole family can enjoy the experience together at an affordable cost.


Dear Travel Agents, Media, Influencers

Wearing traditional costumes and strolling ancient streets have become a fashionable trend.

Such experiences in your itinerary will undoubtedly attract

more customers to join your tour. We can accept more than 300 people.

Feel free to contact us!


​Please let us know if your company visit our shop for the first time.

30~40 people 45mins| 100 people 1hour | 150 people 1.5hours

※Customer can choose from recommended set of Kimono and obi in the case of large group.  

Small group can choose kimono and obi by themselves so it takes about 1 hour. 

How to book

Approximately 100 people at once. (a maximum of 300 people in a day )
[※Book for more than 100 people. It takes about 40 minutes for a kimono makeover

​The number of people we can accept

Open hours


We can accept reservations outside opening hours, but there will be an extra charge.

※Please contact first.

Time required 

1.Let us know the number of people, reservation date and the male-to-female ratio by telephone.

2.Please send an application form via fax and fill the information below.

(1)date and time、(2)Name of school/group、(3)Phone number of school/travel agent、

(4)Name and phone number of teacher/guide、(5)The number of people, their gender and height(only small child)

※If there is very tall or short person in the group, please let us know. 

※If you don't use FAX, e-mail us please.

3.We will confirm your reservation.

For Travel Agency/School Trip

For Media / Influencers

1.Please send a email and fill the information below. 

(1)Date and Time、(2)Company/Stage Name、(3)Contact number

(4)Magazine Title/Guide Book Title/Social Media Account (5)Number of people, their gender 

2.Staff will contact you and confirm your reservation.


Travel Agency

Kimono Rental

Arranged for a special price


Yukata Rental(Summer Only)

Arranged for a special price

Summer only

Female Yukata Sale Plan (a set of 3 items)

Arranged for a special price

Female Yukata Sale Plan (a set of 3 items)

Contents of the set: Yukata・sush(Obi)・Japanese shoes(Geta) + drawstring bag(Kinchaku)・two strings are presents! + No charge for dressing

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Hairstyling ※reservation required

This option is only for small group.

We offer at a special price!(except early morning and after 4:30pm)

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Alquiler de Kimonos en Kioto YUMEYAKATA│Gojo Shop

〒600-8103 京都市下京区塩竈町353     Acceso


353, Shiogama-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto Japan

Horario de atención al cliente 10:00~17:30 (entrada hasta las 16pm)

Cerrado del 31 de Diciembre al 3 de Enero

Línea Telefónica en el extranjero(English) 075-354-9110

FAX 075-354-8506

MAIL info@yumeyakata.com

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