Tips for Wearing Kimono in a Cool Manner

It has become the Tsuyu (梅雨, rainy season in Japan) and is getting really hot and humid. From now on, the weather will be scorching even more day by day. Today, I would like to introduce the tips for wearing Kimono in a cool and elegant way in summer.

-Air-condition the dressing room thoroughly in advance. In fact, Kimono is a comfortable kind of cloth and once you get dressed, it doesn't feel so hot and humid. However, the dressing process is somewhat a hard work and can easily make you sweat. Air-conditioner is a powerful tool not to spoil your day with a waterfall of sweat before even going out.

-Lower the rear neck line than usual, arrange the skirt length shorter, and wear Obi (帯) belt lower. These dressing techniques help a lot. In fact you may find Kimono more comfortable than Western clothes and long sun-screening gloves.

-Wear Suteteco (ステテコ, long drawers) under the Kimono. Suteteco contributes to let the air between your legs move by absorbing the sweat. Japanese famous casual wear brand offers a variety of it. For Yukata (浴衣, summer cotton Kimono), I use a long camisole instead.

-Apply menthol spray on your underwear or Juban (襦袢, underclothing for Kimono). This is a very effective way but not for people with sensitive skin.

-Avoid using Obimakura (帯枕, oval shaped Obi filler pad).

-Put a Washi (和紙, Japanese craft paper)-wrapped refrigerant in between your Obi and Kimono. Washi prevents bearing water-drops.

I am sure these tips will keep your elegant Kimono style. Why don't you try Kimono this summer?

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