Warabe-jizo (Statues of Bodhisattva Who Look Like Children) at Sanzen-in Temple

The most famous place in the Ohara (大原) district in Kyoto is Sanzen-in (三千院) temple.

The Sanzen-in temple, founded in the Heian (平安) period, with a deep connection with the imperial court and emperors, is regarded as one of the high ranked temples in Japan. It's also famous for autumn foliage, and currently, fresh greenery of mosses and young maple leaves are very beautiful there. On the premises, the garden called Yuseien (有清園) at which the main hall is located, is now covered with green carpet of moss. Especially, the view of cedar trees and moss after the rain, will make you feel being in a shower of fresh negative ion.

In the garden, there is one more attraction. There are Warabe-jizo (わらべ地蔵, statues of bodhisattva who look like children) which welcome visitors with their soothing smiles. If you are seeking your peace of mind, please come visit this temple during the fresh greenery season.

Akane Kibune

Kyoto Certificate 1st Grade


10 mins. on foot from Ohara, Kyoto bus