Inari Sushi, a Specialty of Fushimi District

When I was a child, my father often took me to Fushimi Inari Taisha shrine (伏見稲荷大社), the head shrine of the god Inari of Japan, traditionally worshiped by merchants and manufacturers as the patron of business. Around the shrine, there are a lot of restaurants and tea houses which serves delicious local specialties.

Among those dishes, the most famous one is Inari Zushi (いなり寿司). It's a sweet vinegared rice ball wrapped in Abura-age (油揚げ, deep-fried bean curd). It is said that Abura-age is the favorite food for foxes, the messengers from god. For sure, the color and the triangle shape of Abura-age reminds us of foxes. Some people also say its triangle shape represents the Mt. Inari. There are many opinions about the origin of the Inari zushi.

The sweet and delicious taste of Inari Zushi makes you happy. Please try it during your stay in Kyoto.

Restaurant INARI

3 mins. from Inari Station, JR Nara line

1 min. from Fushimi Inari station, Keihai line


*Inari Zushi (left), Curry Udon Noodlle (right)

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353, Shiogama-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto Japan

Horario de atención al cliente 10:00~17:30 (entrada hasta las 16pm)

Cerrado del 31 de Diciembre al 3 de Enero

Línea Telefónica en el extranjero(English) 075-354-9110

FAX 075-354-8506


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