Yotsugi Jizouson Daisai at Jyotoku-ji Temple

Jotoku-ji temple, located very close to YUMEYAKATA, is famous for its blessing of conception after visiting the temple. The Yotsugi-Jizou (世継, an heir, 地蔵, stone statue of Bodhisattva) here is said to be responsive to your prayer, and is very popular among Kyoto residents.

On February 8th, the temple holds the "Yotsugi Jizouson Daisai (世継地蔵尊大祭), the grand festival for Yotsugi Jizou. It is said that a prayer on this day is worth a hundred million prayers.

On the premises, Gomaki no Takiage (護摩木の焚き上げ, a ritual of burning Gomaki, wooden plates on which prayers are written) is conducted by Yamabushi (山伏, Japanese mountain ascetic hermits) monks. On this day, the temple is filled with many visitors seeking happiness and blessing of fertility. Offerings of Takoyaki (多幸焼き, octopus balls. 多幸=great happiness or euphoria, is the same sound for 蛸, octopus in Japanese) and Kasujiru (粕汁, warm soup with a Sake lees base) will warm your body and soul.

Akane Kibune


3 mins on foot from Kawaramachi Gojo, Kyoto city bus



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