SUGUKI-Traditional Pickles in Kyoto

Talking about Kyoto delicacies, it's TSUKEMONO, Japanese pickles. Among the most famous ones, namely, SENMAI-ZUKE (pickled sliced radishes), SUGUKI (pickled turnip-like vegetable), and SHIBA-ZUKE (chopped pickled vegetables), I love SUGUKI best.

SUGUKI is originally a traditional vegetable mainly produced in Kamigamo district in Kyoto, very similar to turnips but in fact different. SUGUKI pickles is produced by a traditional lactic acid fermentation, and is said to be good for health because of Labre bacteria contained in it.

As for me, I don't need anything else if I have boiled rice and SUGUKI. I just love it! It's a specialty of this season and so delicious. I already went to KAMOGAMO and purchased it.

Akane Kibune

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