OFUDA (Paper Talisman) and Kyoto People

I bet you might have seen many OFUDA (paper talisman) attached around entrances of houses in Kyoto. Generally speaking, people from Kyoto really like these kinds of OFUDA or OMAMORI (good luck charms).

In the old days, people in Kyoto firmly believed that they coexisted with ONRYO (vengeful ghosts) and were seriously scared of evil spirits who were defeated and killed in power struggles, falsely charged with the death penalty, or died with full of resentment...

People attached OFUDAs around their doors for warding off evil spirits and misfortune, for the sake of protecting their family members. Certainly, one OFUDA was not enough, so the number was increased.

If you look closely, you'll realize that there are so many different types of OFUDAs. Kyoto is such a mysterious town indeed and OFUDAs are yet another reason it is so much fun to explore!

Akane Kibune

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