Traditional Japanese Colors and Kimono




Since ancient times, Japanese people have been valued the sense of seasons, especially when wearing Kimonos. Patterns and colors that deeply related to nature are widely appreciated and Japanese people gave those colors a name respectively in traditional terms.

Juni Hitoe (十二単衣, 12-layered ceremonial kimono) style expresses the nature by the colors of its layered collars, such as:

Toki Iro (朱鷺色): a soft pink, different from vivid pinks

Momo Iro (桃色): also a kind of pink, the color of peach petals.

Just as described above, there are so many kinds of pinks in the nature so that It was almost impossible for Japanese to express these colors in a single word.

My favorite color is a red called “Su oh (蘇芳)”. It’s darker than pure red and resembles the color of full bodied wine. Since the Su oh is too vivid and strong for me to wear as a Kimono, I incorporate the color to my Kimono accessories such as Obi age (帯揚げ, sash for Obi), or Obi jime (帯締め, decorative band for Obi).

There are countless ways on how to enjoy wearing kimonos! For example, why don’t you change the regular white collar to a patterned and colored one? As for Kimono accessories, many people chose the items in colors which are also used in the Kimono. However, I guess sometimes it's nice to wear opposite colors! It's so effective as spice to the style!

YUMEYAKATA offers a various choices of patterned collars and accessories. Please try your dream coordination and find your signature color. Let's make your stay in Kyoto very lovely and unforgettable!

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