Turn into a Princess
and Lord !

 Hime & Tono Plan

Princess and Lord
Live a travel back in time with gorgeous Edo-style

Princess and Lord outfits!

Studio Plan

Location Plan


Princess Studio Plan

Princess Outfit + Japanese Princess-style Wig + Hair accessories + Studio shooting: 1 Photo

15,000 yen (excluding tax)

Princess and Lord Studio Plan

Princess outfit + Lord outfit + Japanese hair wig (princess style) + Hair accessories + Studio shooting: 1 Photo

21,000 yen (excluding tax)

Illuminate at Yumeyakata Studio and do full-scale shooting with a single lens reflex camera.
Because we also have substantial props such as pure Japanese style decorations, folding fan, swords
Princess, you can enjoy taking pleasant mood fully.

Princess, after transforming into a grand lady, you can visit Kushiro Gion's Okuzaki "Stone Fence Alley"
In the wonderful location of Kyoto Higashiyama, Shimizu neighborhood, such as Yasaka Tower
We will do full-scale photography with a professional photographer. It is a plan of a rapidly rising popularity.


Princess Location Plan
set content:
Princess costume (Kimono style box impression attached) + Kimono + Japanese hair semi-wig (princess style) + Kanzashi + Location filming + Taxi reciprocating cost to shooting location
· Photos will be downloaded.
· Hair decorative rental service for princess

Shooting time:
About 1 hour
Number of shots taken:
About 100 sheets

59,500 yen (excluding tax)

Princess and your lord Location Plan
set content:
Princess costume (with kimono style box impression) + grand costume + dressing + Japanese hair semi-wig (princess style) + hairpin + shooting location + reciprocating cost to shooting location
· Photos will be downloaded.
· Male (Lords) Sword Option Service (equivalent to 2000 yen)
· Women (princess) umbrella, hair decoration rental service
Shooting time:
About 1 hour
Number of photos:
About 100 sheets

¥ 74,500 (excluding tax)

Plan Options


+ 3,000 yen (excluding tax)

Additional picture

+1,500 yen (excluding tax)

Studio Photo Gallery

Studio Plan



+ 3,000 yen (excluding tax)

Studio shooting
Would you like to increase the variation of photos by adding studio shooting to location shooting?
1,500 yen

More for studio shoot! "Striking"
In the location shooting, the kimono style without hanging is the basis, but "strokes" can be worn by those who do studio shooting options.
¥ 2000

Location Photo Gallery

>About wigs
The wigs used for the Hime princess transformation is a half wig without fringe.
■ For the customers having a fringe, they can choose either to:
· Leave their fringe visible naturally.
· Raise their fringe so that it is no longer visible.

■ For customers without fringe (long hair):
We can make a fringe with your long hair by style them on the side.
Please inform us about your preference for the fringe when you come to our shop.
※We cannot do haircuts, thanks for your understanding.

★ It is also recommended to take a picture without the Uchikake (over-kimono) to show the Furisode and the Darari obi (long obi sash), for a cute princess look.

For lords, accessories such as wigs, swords, folding fans, etc. are also available! have fun while having your pictures taken!

Ouftits Gallery

· The Princess studio plan outfit is a set of Furisode + Uchikake (formal kimono usually worn by a bride or during a stage performance).
· You can mix and match the Furisode and the Uchikake as you wish.
· The Tono (lord) outfit is available in white only.
· The outfits cannot be reserved in advance. Please choose on the day of your arrival.



Dressing · Hairdressing · Make-up

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

DOne !

Use the natural half wig
Keep the fringe also very cute!

Add a cute makeup for 3000 yens

It's so perfect and beautiful !

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