Planning the collaboration between the Yumeyakata and Samurai experience!

A special experience that Yumeyakata recommends!

Discover the tradition inherited from ancient Japan, feel it in you.


Samurai experience in Kyoto

Pack Yumeyakata Samurai (Plan Hakama)

Special offer price 15,000 yen/personne (w/o tax)


*Reservation possible starting 2 people.

What is Samurai Experience?


The samurai experience takes place in the ancient capital, Kyoto.
It is a large-scale experience pack that uses the work of a samurai who has a great deal of seriousness.
It seems that the samurai of this place was lost in the Edo period.
While teaching the lifestyle of the samurai these days, he is also the martial arts teacher of this place.
Take advantage of precious time to discover the spirit and attitude of the Japanese samurai.
This is a special price for a limited time.
It is a striking experience of an extraordinary seriousness
You will not be able to live it elsewhere.
Make yourself some important memories with Yumeyakata.


Contact us to book

+ 81-75-354-9110 (abroad only)

The Kyoto Samurai Experience Hall is a place where visitors who stay in Kyoto can visit.
It was made for you to experience the Japanese samurai culture directly.

Located in a historical cultural property in Kyoto, restful and quiet where you can directly experience the immaterial culture of samurai culture.
This is a very special opportunity to experience.
Under the fine instruction of the martial arts teacher,
Practice using a real Japanese sword
During the learning, you can experiment seriously with the cutting experience 茣 蓙 (Goza).

To experience the samurai spirit you can meditate and experience Zen culture in Japan.
The Samurai, of course, is called Japan's own sensibilities.
You can also enjoy the traditional Japanese music expressing themselves with the "Wabi" and "Sabi".

After having transformed you into a samurai figure in Yumeyakata, you can visit the Kyoto Samurai Experience Hall.
Customers benefit from special discounts.
Thanks to special opportunities limited in time, experience and precious memories.
Do not hesitate !
After having transformed you into a samurai (hakama) at Yumeyakata, this is a plan that you can experiment in samurai using a real Japanese sword with a martial arts teacher in Kyoto Samurai Experience Hall.

With the Yumeyakata x Samurai Pack, customers' bookings from the Kyoto Samurai Experiences can be used at special discounted prices.


Contact us to book

+ 81-75-354-9110 (abroad only)

To get the Kyoto Samurai Experience, the standard outfit for both women and men is a male kimono + hakama outfit.

However, the female kimono + hakama outfit is also available. Please check the applicable option when booking this Package.

Sample: male kimono + hakama outfit

Sample: female kimono + hakama outfit


These are photos taken during the Samurai Kyoto experiments after using the Yumeyakata samurai experiment plan

It is a plan where you can wear a good samurai costume in Yumeyakata and experience a samurai while using real Japanese swords with a martial arts teacher from the samurai experience of Kyoto.
For customers who have applied for the Samurai Kyoto experience with the Yumeyakata Samurai Plan, you can enjoy it at a discounted price and experience a total experience.


If the experience tempts you, don't hesitate and book now!

*Reservation possible starting 2 people.

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